About Us

The Customer

The customer is our highest priority. We are committed to providing our customers high quality and innovative services, thereby realizing long-term mutually beneficial relationships. We will enter into each relationship in the spirit of long-term partnerships, aimed at making our customers' interests our interests.


We are committed to a standard of excellence in all we do. To attain the consistent superior performance to which we are committed, we must all hold ourselves individually responsible for performing our duties and fulfilling our responsibilities to the best of our abilities.


Teamwork is the way Parker Mechanical works. We serve our customers through people of different skills working together as leaders, participants and supporters of our various teams.


We will constantly seek betters ways to achieve competitive advantage. Our strategies will be consistent over time, yet flexible enough to anticipate and take advantage of environmental changes.


Our people are the key to our success. We must attract, develop, and retain highly principled and able people who are dedicated to personal growth and accomplishment along with the attainment of Parker Mechanical"s goals and objectives. Parker Mechanical demonstrates concern for our people and motivates them to sustain the required excellence in all they do.